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Updated: Jun 23

It's been a while, gang.

Seasonal depression: real!

The Holidays™: real!

Tiny, jagged, seemingly-impervious-to-the-passage-of-time little cuts on my fingertips from the Scotch tape dispenser: real!

I spent the month of December almost exclusively coughing and wrapping presents. I overcooked four Cornish game hens and forgot to strain the star anise pods out of my otherwise perfect cranberry-orange pie filling. I did quite literally no writing at all for six weeks. Not a single word. Barely any memorable thoughts. It was incredibly peaceful.

And impressive!

I’m proud of myself!

Extremely here for an encouraging back slap and an earnestly supportive double thumbs-up!

Also here to get back on track, though, which – checks notes – I’m told is the point of the New Year. 2020. I’m not completely sure that’s a real number, but that’s fine. The symmetry is nice. If I was an apocalypse of indeterminate yet potentially supernatural origin, I would personally find 2020 very appealing.

(Watched Love, Actually again last week. Rick Grimes and his unrequited love for Keira Knightley remains the most relatable sub-plot in the entirety of modern cinema. Tearing up just thinking about it. Pure. Good. Remarkable. I, too, would risk frostbite and suffer eternal embarrassment for one (1) pity-kiss from Keira Knightley. Where is the Walking Dead crossover? Rick Grimes getting friend-zoned in a variety of different climates, while sporting a variety of different accents and an even wider variety of different hats, would win many important awards! Keira Knightley’s zombie-fighting superpower could be her smile! @AMC)

Anyway, here are a few cool things that happened towards the end of 2019:

Here are a few cool things that are going to happen in the first half of 2020:

  • “Amicable” will be published by Reflex Press (online in February/March, in print in the summer

  • No, Not That One, a short Cinderella retelling with a twist, will be available for free download (January/February)

I have some other projects lined up, too, both short and long, that I’ll announce when I have a clearer idea of when they’ll be complete. Fingers crossed there’s no apocalypse. Would be a real bummer, in my opinion. So much writing left to do.

Happy New Year!



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