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I honestly have no idea what I was thinking when I made the reckless - [ rek-lis ] adjective - utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution - decision to give in and publish my playlist for LIGHT AS A FEATHER. Like, guys, pals, friends, comrades - I listen to a lot of garbage. Just absolute unapologetic trash. If a song once made you cringe at a middle school dance, it's almost certainly my jam. I don't have standards. I really want to hammer this point home as obnoxiously as I possibly can because it explains both a lot about me as a person and as the curator of this particular playlist. If you choose to go on this journey, do so with an open mind and a CVS cart full of those tiny neon-orange foam earplugs.

If you're still here - why are you still here - just know that while some tracks do invoke a real sense of atmosphere - specifically, the slightly unsettling, slightly ominous atmosphere I was aiming for while writing the actual book - some other tracks are only here because the lyrics reference ghosts, like . . . twice. The bar was low, but I own an honest-to-god pickaxe. Don't underestimate me.

  1. “32 Ghosts IV” – Nine Inch Nails

  2. “Got Your Number” – Serena Ryder

  3. “Drop The World” – Lil Wayne, Eminem

  4. “Human” – Rag’n’Bone Man

  5. “So Poetic” – Sundressed

  6. “Ghosts” – Lukr

  7. “No Witness” – LP

  8. “Eastbound & Down” – WSTR

  9. “Tell That Devil” – Jill Andrews

  10. “Novocaine” – The Unlikely Candidates

  11. “One More Habit” – Kelsey Waters

  12. “Off Guard” – Last Night Saved My Life

  13. “Sibling Rivalry” – PUP

  14. “Sinner” – Andy Grammer

  15. “Riot” – Dead Kennedys

  16. “Dial Tones” – AS IT IS

  17. “Memories” – Neffex

  18. “Raise Hell” – Dorothy

  19. “Spider In The Roses (feat. Rob the Man)” – Sonia Leigh

  20. “Golden” – Farewell Fighter

  21. “Ego” – Bibi Bourelly

  22. “God, Help Me” – Leah Blevins

  23. “Bulls on Parade (triple j Like A Version)” – Denzel Curry

  24. “Metamorphosis” – Nilka

  25. “Get Free” – Whissell

  26. “I Lost My Mind (In California)” – The White Noise

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