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Nano Update

Updated: Nov 17, 2020


  • SCREAMERS - 18,516

  • OTHER - 4,534

  1. "Teenage boys are incredibly, remarkably, undeniably dumb, it's just biology" is a very useful plot device.

  2. Taking two (2) days off from Nano so my brain feels less like one of those really sad dehydrated sponges that's stuck to the bottom of the cabinet under the kitchen sink? That's valid!

  3. I can't think of anywhere I wouldn't wear these sweatpants.

  4. I am in a constant state of flux. Half of me is like, "It's too early for Christmas lights! Why is an inflatable Santa already on that roof! What is wrong with all of these people!" While the other half of me is like, "This candle smells like pine needles and reindeer shit, lighting it ASAP is self-care, actually."

  5. I have read precisely three (3) Wikipedia articles about quantum mechanics and now consider myself something of an expert.

  6. All these signs, man.

  7. My phone inexplicably bricked itself while I was using it a few days ago, but shoutout to the poor guy on the other end of the customer service chat who had to keep asking me to do things like "plug it in" and "plug it in, but in a different outlet" and "plug it in upside down" - he called me "Miss" instead of "Ma'am" and I just think that's neat.

  8. The wrong characters always want to kiss each other.

  9. I bought two of these t-shirts and have never felt more patriotic.

  10. If writing SCREAMERS has taught me anything, it's that the world might be ending, sure, but there's always room for a Viagra joke:

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