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Updated: Jan 7

  • Novel - series potential

  • Genre: Young Adult | horror/comedy/LGBTQ+ romance

  • Sketchy Summary: The zombie apocalypse arrives at a prestigious New England prep school on a foggy, hangover-plagued Monday morning. It brings with it a lot of ill-timed Indiana Jones references, a world-saving prophecy scribbled in the margins of 400 year-old WASP family bible, and banshees.

  • Status: ON HIATUS

  • Novel – standalone

  • Genre: Young Adult | contemporary fantasy

  • Sketchy Summary: Two unwitting faerie descendants meet by chance and discover that they have some things in common: namely, a potentially villainous, extremely deadbeat dad, and a not quite natural understanding of the word Luck. Unfortunately for them, Luck is actually the currency of the weird, creepy shadow world on the other side of the abandoned silver mine - and they're quickly running out of it.

  • Status: ON HIATUS

  • Flash fiction collection – 55+ loosely connected micro-stories

  • Genre: New Adult | contemporary fiction

  • Sketchy Summary: A bright, bubbly, secretly very aimless college girl with poor impulse control, zero problem-solving skills, and several designer suitcases worth of commitment issues – she’s changed her major seven times – accidentally gets pregnant over winter break while visiting her estranged older sister. There are two possible fathers, one of whom is way more into the idea of raising a baby with her than she’s comfortable with, and it seems like she probably - finally - has some actual choices to make.

  • Status: ON HIATUS

  • Novel – series potential

  • Genre: Young Adult | historical fantasy

  • Sketchy Summary: A fairy tale, kind of, but with a decades-old murder mystery, a corrupt royal family, a Soviet-inspired steampunk kingdom completely cut off from the rest of the world, and a grassroots underground revolution spearheaded by someone called the Godfather – who is willing to help Cinderella, but only for a price.

  • Status: ON HIATUS

  • Short story collection – 10 loosely connected short stories

  • Genre: Young Adult | contemporary horror/comedy

  • Sketchy Summary: Ninety years ago, an inmate escaped from the local prison and allegedly committed a dozen new murders in the span of a single night. The bodies were all found the next morning, in the woods, left in strange positions in seemingly random spots; the inmate was never seen again. Now, the prison has long-since been shut down, and it's the weekend before Senior Fright Night when a group of mostly unfriendly teenagers are assigned the task of going out and leaving supplies in the woods - specifically, at each and every spot a dead body was found ninety years prior. And they all have secrets, obviously, but some are a little worse - and a little bloodier - than others.

  • Status: ON HIATUS

  • Novel – standalone

  • Genre: Young Adult | contemporary fantasy/romance

  • Sketchy Summary: In a world where time travel is a heavily regulated, government sanctioned commodity - illegal for civilians, no exceptions - a teenage girl who’s never broken a real rule in her life is about to commit the ultimate crime: she's going to go back in time - just a few months, barely a real trip - to save her brother. Unfortunately, there's a reason for the time travel ban, and she discovers very quickly that it's a good one; the sheer number of alternate timelines she's created is staggering. Alarming. It doesn't help that the annoyingly good-looking physics nerd from one of those alternate timelines keeps accusing her of "tearing holes" in the fabric of the universe, which she supposes she might have to . . . fix. Eventually. If she can ever actually manage to find her way home again.

  • Status: ON HIATUS

  • Novella – standalone

  • Genre: Young Adult | contemporary horror/fantasy/romance

  • Sketchy Summary: Loup-garou.

  • Status: ON HIATUS

  • Novel – sequel to LIGHT AS A FEATHER

  • Genre: Young Adult | contemporary horror/fantasy

  • Status: IN PROGRESS (planning/outlining)

  • Novella – third installment of GRAVEDIGGERS

  • Genre: Young Adult | contemporary horror/fantasy

  • Status: IN PROGRESS (planning/outlining)

  • Short story collection – prequel to LIGHT AS A FEATHER

  • Genre: Young Adult | contemporary horror/fantasy

  • Status: IN PROGRESS (writing)


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